The Different Types of Numerology- Calculation

The people who believe in numerology or use a numerology calculator to guide everything from what they should focus on in a particular day to what they should name their child to insure the success of that child’s life.  The basic use is to find your name meaning and your birth date meaning, but numerology can be used for much more than that.

Numerology Calculation has been used by many different cultures throughout the ages.  Each type of numerology has its individual way of calculating the numbers and how they apply to different aspects of our lives.  Many famous people have a deep spiritual belief in the ability to use numerology to guide their lives.  The most famous examples are probably Madonna and Britney Spears.

The most common numerology used by Westerners is assigning a number to a letter.  In this methodology, the belief is that certain words that have the same numerical values also have similar energies.  

The usual way of assigning numbers to letters are :  1=a, j, s and t  2=b, k and z  3=c, l and u  4=d, m and v  5= e, n and w  6=f, o and x  7=g, p and y  8=h and q  9=I and r  then the corresponding numbers are added up to get a base number.  If the base number is a two digit number, then those two digits are added together to get a single number. 

 You can see it would be easy to make a mistake in the arithmetic, and that would skew the results.  This is why most people use a numerology calculation to help them.

Once a single number is achieved, there is then no set metaphysical value to the number, this depends on which of the numerology systems a person chooses to use. 

 The most common meanings are the number one meaning individuality and aggression, the number two meaning balance and union, the number three is communication and neutrality, four is creation. 

 The number five stands for action and restlessness, the number six for reaction and responsibility, the number seven is ascribed to thought and consciousness.  

The number eight stands for power and sacrifice and the number nine is for the highest level of change.  

These are, of course, the most basic meanings and are not intended as a guide.  Again, a numerology calculator based in the system you most resonate with would be the best way to interpret your number.

Chinese numerology is completely different than the Western modality.  The meanings of the numbers in the Chinese method are based on the sounds of the number and the words that sound is most similar to.  Some numbers have sounds that correspond to words that are considered to be lucky or auspicious, while others are unlucky because they sound like negative words.  Some believe this system if flawed due to the different ways of pronouncing words in different dialects.  But many Chinese who ascribe to this belief will pay money to get an address or phone number that is based with numbers considered to be lucky.  

The methods used here are far too complicated for me to go into, but some lucky numbers are:  518, meaning ‘I will prosper’, 814 meaning ‘be wealthy, entire life’ and 99 meaning ‘doubly long in life.’  

Unlucky numbers include four, five, six and seven. 

One could study numerology calculation for a lifetime and not really grasp all of the numerology readings meanings and uses etc.  Finding a good numerology calculator in the modality that you like is the easiest, safest and most interpretive way to go for most people.