Numerology Calculator- The history of numerology calculation

The basic idea behind Numerology Calculator or Calculation is that numbers have a certain power or energy and this energy can influence our lives.  The metaphysical belief in the sacred energy of numbers or numerology dates back to the ancient Babylonians, possibly even earlier.  There is some evidence to suggest that the Egyptians used numerology, as well as the Chinese, the Roman and the Greeks.  The earliest recorded evidence of the use of numerology does begin with Babylonia, and shows that this system was influenced by the Hebrews.

One type of numerology reading was invented by the Chaldeans ( chaldean numerology calculator ) who ruled ancient Babylonia in the 6th century BC.  In this type of numerology, numbers are not assigned to letters in alphabetical order, but instead, they are assigned by the vibration of each letter.  The number nine is not assigned to any letter because it is holy or sacred.  Nine can appear as the final sum in a numerology calculation, however.  This form of numerology used your name and your numerology date of birth, but it uses the name you are known by rather than the name you were given at birth.  This form of numerology is considered to be the most accurate but it is not often used because it is difficult to master the numerology calculations and interpret without a numerology calculator.

The most popular form of numerology was created by the Greek philosopher Pythagoras.  Pythagoras was born in Greece around 590 BC and was a very famous philosopher of his time.  His thoughts on the soul, on the relationship of numbers to our lives and his beliefs about what happens after we die influenced such great philosophers as Plato many years after his death.  Pythagoras wrote nothing down, he believed in total secrecy concerning his work.  But he opened a school of mysticism in Italy that allowed his work to live on after him.  In his type of numerology, the numbers are assigned to letters in sequence, and the number nine is used.  The numerology numbers eleven and twenty-two are considered to be ‘master vibrations’ and these are not used.

Kabbalah Numerology is based in Hebrew mysticism.  The belief here is that your name is the only thing analyzed.  Some numerologists find this system to be less accurate than other systems.  The numbers one through nine are assigned to the alphabet, and then you would find the sum of the numbers that corresponded to the letters of your name or numerology names.  There are actually over 400 ‘life path numbers, but most people just use the simpler nine-number system.  Double digits are divided by nine, and if there is a remainder left, then you would add the number one to it.  It can be very complicated and easy to make mistakes; so many people use a numerology calculator with this system to avoid mistakes.

Two lesser used types of numerology are the Abracadabra system, which uses a system of pyramids and number values, and utilizes letters adding up to 365 so there is one for each day of the year.  There is also a modernized version of the Kabbalah that takes into account changes in the Roman alphabet that have occurred over time.  A Numerology Calculator is an accurate way also to determine what numbers are stacking up for you and your future.