How to be a game tester? Can You Get Paid To Play games?

How can I be a game tester?Should I be a game tester? What are the pros and cons of being a game tester? How do I find a job as a game tester? Hopefully you will have all the answers by the end of this article.


A game tester is a game lover who plays games to test and analyze them before they are released. Gaming companies offer game lovers to test their products before they release them in order to find out if there are any errors. Being a game tester is becoming popular with the young generation. This is boosted by the development of technology. Being a video game tester is more than just playing; it is a responsibility. However, this job is fun and thrilling.The primary and most notable benefit of being a game tester is that you get to earn income. How fun is it to be paid for doing something that you love. It is only in game testing that you get to have the opportunity to have an exciting time exploring the gaming world and having fun and get paid. Being a video game tester is leisure and you enjoy doing it. This job offers games lovers a chance to earn a dime on an activity that they enjoy doing. To some extent, it can become your main source of income if you are serious about it. Gaming companies like Electronics Arts make huge revenues thus they are able to employ game testers and pay them well. Moreover, being a game tester can be done at the comfort of your home. You do not have to wake up every morning to go to an office. Becoming a video game tester will enable you avoid daily morning frustrations and hassles that come with white-collar jobs.

Flexible Work Schedule Another advantage that comes to being a video game tester is the fact that you have a flexible schedule. This job enables you to work at odd hours and it does not demand for you to wake up early in the morning. You get to organize yourself and work with ease. Even when employed, the job is not as demanding as an office work. All you need to do is to create time to complete your task. With the enjoyment that comes with being a video game tester, how difficult can this be when it is actually something that you love doing.Nevertheless, this job enables you to have time to socialize with your family and friends. You can play the games with your friends or siblings and this connects you. This creates memorable moments that you will remember for quite a while. So if you are a game lover, why not exploit your passion for a much more experience.Experience Stress Reduction As a Game TesterParticipating in activities that engage your mind, helps you to relax and calm your body. Recently, it has been discovered that playing video games actually helps to calm the body’s nerves. This essentially acts as a stress reliever and is beneficial to you as a game tester. It goes without saying that being a video game tester is a more enjoyable and less stressful. Focusing on a game draws your mind away from reality and you are jolted into a gaming world fantasy. As a result, all your negative emotions like frustration and worry are forgotten and you feel happy. Additionally, this is more beneficial to your health.  Discover the game A new video game has several tips and tricks that a game tester will have the chance to discover. A video game tester job enables you to analyze and test the game in several ways. This way you are able to discover tricks in the game. Being a game tester additionally makes you to understand the game more and get a better insight of how the game is structured. Apart from this, you get to boast of the fact of having to play the game before anyone else especially to your friends.  Brainteaser An additional benefit to being a video game tester is getting to work your brain. The brain is exercised while figuring out the structure of the game. While playing a video game you use integral parts of your brain to make judgments and be creative. This stimulates the mind and keeps it fresh. Conclusion Video game testing is becoming popular with many people viewing it as a job opportunity. With the improvement in technology, online jobs continue to be attractive and being a video game tester will soon become one of the major income jobs. An In-Depth Overview Of Game Testers – What Is A Game Tester, What Roles Do They Play & What Methodologies Do They Use?What is quality control in gaming? It is because of quality control, which is a software testing process, that any software defects or bugs are discovered and documented. A game tester is responsible for a quality control of video games. In the early days of video games, all the testing was handled by the developer. Since the games had a limited scope, only one or two testers were required. In some cases, all the testing was handled by programmers.Even today, only a small group of testers is retained by many game developers to provide on-the-spot Quality Assurance. Most game developers rely on their game savvy and highly technical testers to find bugs and glitches in either the graphic layers or programming code of a video game. Usually, game testers have a background of having played various games on multiple platforms. Although many gamers these days are seeking game jobs online in this rapidly growing industry, but this position is highly competitive and stressful. Game testing is highly focused on the use of established and tedious methods to find bugs prior to a game’s alpha version. What Roles Do Game Testers Play In A Game Development Company? Games testers are members of the development team of a video game, and they perform game testing. Between organizations, there is a variation in the organization of staff; the following roles may be employed by a game tester in a typical game development company:Lead Tester: A lead tester is responsible to ensure that a game works properly and to manage bug lists. The quality assurance staff is managed by a lead tester. Designers and programmers work closely with the lead tester, especially towards the end of a project. It is the lead tester’s responsibility to track bug reports and ensure that they are fixed. They are also responsible that complete and formal reports are produced by Quality Assurance teams.Game Testers: It a game tester’s responsibility to ensure that a game contains fun game-play, contains sensible actions, is easy to use, and works correctly. Testers have to write accurate and particular bug reports, and if possible, they provide descriptions of how to reproduce the bug. The company may assign testers to a single game during its whole production, or they may bring them onto other projects as demanded by the particular needs and schedule of the department.Technical Testers: It is the responsibility of technical testers to build automated frameworks and test cases, while also manage complex test problems like the overall performance and security of a game. Usually, these individuals possess strong software development skills but they emphasize on writing software as a result of which defects in other applications are exposed.What Is The Methodology Used By Game Testers?Game testing does not follow any standard method, and individual game developers and publishers develop most methodologies. Below is the most important game testing methodologies used by a game tester specific to video games.Functionality testing – This is a common part of game testing, involving playing the game itself. Functionality testers focus on general issues within the game or its user interface, such as game asset integrity, game mechanic issues, and stability issues.Compatibility testing – This normally becomes necessary for PC video game titles because of the final build of the game determines much of the compatibility nearing the end of development. Compatibility testing ensures that the game is compatible and functional on various configurations of hardware and software. Performance of the game is also evaluated by testers.Soak testing – In the context of video games, in this form of testing a video game is left running for prolonged periods of time in a variety of modes of operation, like at the title screen, idling, or paused.Beta testing – This form of testing is carried out in a game development’s beta stage. Usually, this refers to the version of a video game that first becomes publically available. The reason behind the effectiveness of public betas is because bugs may be found by thousands of fans of the video that are not found by the developer’s testers.Multiplayer testing: A separate multiplayer Quality Assurance team may be involved in a video game possesses significant multiplayer options. This testing is more common with PC video games. The testers ensure the effectiveness of all connectivity methods, namely Internet, LAN(Local Area Network), and modem.Video game testing is a highly technical field, in which a game tester requires analytical competence, critical evaluation skills, expertise in computing, and endurance. Although game testing is a very strenuous job, game jobs online also happen to be highly in demand.If you a want a job that can allow you to enter the field of paid employment in the gaming industry, Gaming Jobs Online is the place to go. There, you can get an entry-level job involving game testing. You will see the the qualities that companies want from game testers and from other employees of gaming-related jobs. You can get a job there in as fast as a day. From Gaming Jobs Online, you can find a satisfying job you’ve always wanted. You can even begin your career in the gaming field there.At Gaming Jobs Online, you have the chance to test games before their release. You can even watch game trailers before they become available to the public and you can also offer thoughts about them. You can also try using gaming devices and consoles before others even see them or touch them. For doing all these, you will be nicely compensated. You can even end up working for an established gaming company like Blizzard Entertainment, EA, and many others.You can apply for jobs at Gaming Jobs Online regardless of where you are in the planet. You and your employer need not share the same country. You do not only work from home; you also work without leaving your country. You can answer questionnaires or test new games regardless of where you are. Doing those things while under the shining Caribbean sun just after I wake up is the most satisfying thing in the world. I simply have to wake up, go to the living room (my office), and start doing my job.  You can be an international game tester like me – if you apply for a job at Gaming Jobs Online.  Jobs found in Game Jobs Online include the following: mobile games programmer, marketing artist, core engine programmer, data analyst, network programmer, and multimedia designer. The possibilities are endless; many more jobs openings will arrive at the website any time soon. If you believe that you are the right person for a job there, then do not hesitate to apply – regardless of where you are. Your EarningsIt depends on how many surveys you answer and how much game testing you do. Remember that your employer takes your feedback seriously so make sure that your feedback is precise, clear, and truthful. You do not get a limit on the amount of work you handle at your job, but it is recommended that you learn the ropes first before you take on a large amount of work. That way, you can make money while doing something thrilling. Beginners’ Advice When Working:  At Gaming Jobs Online, you can try out games in real settings. You are supposed to consider the following while game testing: 1. What questions does the game designer want answered?2. What are your answers to those questions?3. How can the answers improve the game you are playing?4. What visual impressions do you get from playing the game?5. What can you say about the game’s trailer?There are other questions involved in testing games, answering survey questions, and so on. Doing those activities is enjoyable and can even be your stepping stone to more prestigious and challenging careers in the gaming industry. With Gaming Jobs Online, you can get plenty of experience in doing gaming-related jobs. If you want to be a well-regarded programmer, artist, game designer, or game developer in the future, Gaming Jobs Online will serve as your door. Just get in so you can glimpse your future. Calculating Amount of Money Earned   You can use the online calculator you find there. With Gaming Jobs Online, it is possible to make plenty of money if you work hard at your work. The amount you earn will depend on the number of hours spent per day at work, the number of days per week spent at work, and the total number of workweeks. You can even include overtime work in your calculations.Game testing can be summed up in two sentences: You just have to work hard in knowing whether the game you are testing is working properly or not. To find out, you have to play that game and analyze it conscientiously