Different Ways Numerology Can Help You

The people who believe in numerology or use a numerology calculator to guide everything from what they should focus on in a particular day to what they should name their child to insure the success of that child’s life.  The basic use is to find your name meaning and your birth date meaning, but numerology can be used for much more than that.

You can use numerology to find out your personality number, which basically tells you how others perceive your personality.  Your heart number will tell you about your hopes and dreams for the future.  You can calculate the name of another person to find out their compatibility to you, or whether or not this person could be your soul mate.

Different days of the month have different energies based on their number, and different times of the day do as well.  Numerology can tell you what day of the month is best for certain activities such as looking for a job or going on vacation.  Different times of the day have their own energies as well, and using numerology can help you decide what time is best to, say, go shopping.

Different modalities include combining numerology and astrology to give more information about your birth date, your current situations and your life path, as well as how other people figure in to your life as family members, friends, lovers etc.  There is a system of numerology that combines your soul number and your personality number to different colors in an exploration of creativity in your life.  For this, different numbers correspond to different colors, and the idea that you can use color to enhance your life in many ways.

Another area that combines two popular methods of life improvement is to combine numerology with gemstones and crystals.  Many people believe that the energies of gemstones can enhance our lives, and one mode of numerology combines numbers with corresponding gemstones and crystals.  This will enhance the energy of your particular number and the energy of the gemstone that goes with it.

People use numerology to help them with many of life’s tough decisions.  If you are unemployed, then using numerology to help you know what day to look for a particular job, or even what type of job would be the best for you can give you a leg up.  People have changed their names, both first and last names, in order to achieve more harmony and luck.  People who play games have used numerology to help them win.  Is that great new person you met the one for you?  Do a compatibility reading of your name and theirs.  Some people will choose a place to live based on the street or apartment number.

Numerology is giving sense out of a person’s life.  If you believe in the power that numbers have then using them to your advantage only makes sense.  You must simply choose the model of numerology that makes the most sense to you and begin to understand how to use it.  It just makes good sense to use a numerology calculator to help you do this, to avoid mistakes that can give you a false result.